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Your Body is Trying to Tell you Something; You Need to Listen


A lecture on tactics for healing yourself including the BodyTalk Cortices technique.​  Date in April and Location to be determined.

I will be attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition IIN's Alumni Conference in New York City from March 2-3 to enjoy a stellar selection of experts focused on moving my clients towards healthier and more productive lives.

BodyTalk Workshop:


The New Language of Health Care

February 27, 2013


10 Jay Street #600

From 8-9:30 pm

Fee: Free

Learn the BodyTalk Cortices technique to help balance the brain, reduce stress, relieve pain, improve sleep, and boost mental focus and clarity.  Participants will learn how the BodyTalk Acces Health Routine can benefit yourself and others. There is an opportunity to receive a full session.



My next class promoting the ability to heal yourself is TBD.

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